Domestic Express Courier

AMBER is well known as a local transport company that transports and deliver documents, packages, and cargo shipments at a very competitive rate which customers are very impress with its express door to door services which AMBER COURIER can provide.

AMBER COURIER has a wide range of services and also network which can support all customers express needs over the whole of Malaysia. All parcels and shipments are ensured to be effectively delivered throughout the network and correctly and on-time the consignee.

1. Same-Day Domestic Delivery

AMBER guarantees the fastest delivery on the same day of pick up for customer’s invoices, bills payments, legal documents and also parcels.

2. Next-Day Domestic

Shipments are picked up and delivered next business day for other town areas. Overnight service will get the client shipment to its destination next day. Prescheduled delivery service saves client valuable time.

3. Inter Branch Solutions

Amber manages and delivers mails between the client branches on a regular basis that meets client requirements.

4. Return Service

Amber also acts as a runner to collect back rejected goods for the consignee as requested by the shipper. This service is very popular among spare parts customers whereby supplier sent in wrong parts or part being rejected by the consignees.